Send My Parcel

Find the best courier service to sending your package

Send My Parcel is the best way to send packages around Sri Lanka from the comfort of your home, using the best courier services available on the island.


To design an application that supports the user to find the best courier product for their needs

UX/UI Lead
Lo-fi & Hi-fi prototyping

Multidisciplinary team with 8 members, including Dev, QA, and PMs


Send my parcel proposal came as solution for door to door package delivery service. It's mostly a hub of all available delivery companies currently in srilanka (Soon to be open to other countries as well).


  • Easy way to send parcels
  • Package Tracking
  • To identify the most suitable courier company

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Design Process

The design process starts with identifying the problems that we aim to solve. While doing our initial survey we did identify the main pain points from our target market, Our target was small business owners who mainly operate from home especially during the pandemic, and individuals who were needs send a parcel.

Once we have arranged our personas we manage to prioritize major pain points that most of them highlighted. which are,

How do I send a parcel to my friend/family?
How do I deliver my products to customers?
What is the cheapest method?
What is the quickest method to send a parcel?

Soon after we recognize the question we did start the ideate the solutions. The user-centered design is the method we choose to solve these pain points because it is a functional working process that puts the user as a master key.

User flow

The main point of the flow is to ensure that the functionality is always visible and has Simple/Minimal steps for the user. By visiting the website/app user starts with the search, and then with the simple 4 steps, the user should be able to complete his/her task.

Visual Identity

From the moment we started creating mockups I wanted to have a minimal and clutter-free visual for the application. Since we have already established branding setting up the colors and typography didn't take much of an effort (Thank god :D) For the iconography I used the Feather icon library as a base since it's perfect for the direction we did take.

User Interface

Responsive Designs

The flow was designed to respond to mobile screens seamlessly. Best practices for mobile environments were applied, such as simpler navigation, more focus content, lists or rows instead of multiple columns, etc.